A wide variety of terrain, weather, and upland birds are on full display in this adventurous hunt through Oregon. Follow along as three hunters, a pair of German shorthairs, an English pointer, and a Duetsch Drahthaar search for three distinct birds in three different environments over the course of three days. Sponsored by onX Hunt, read the full companion story about these wild birds in wild places and view behind-the-scenes photos at


If you take your finger and place it on a map marking the geographical center of the nation, somewhere above Kansas and below South Dakota, it won’t simply be resting on a blank spot, it will be touching the beating heart of true American wildness; a place of windswept, impossibly vast tableaus, ancient, grass-covered hills, and fast-flying prairie grouse.   Read the full accompanying story and view the photo gallery here:


“Many of us would probably be better fishermen if we did not spend so much time watching and waiting for the world to become perfect.” For many anglers, the driving force is the catch. However, there is a subspecies we like to call the "Adventure Angler." For them, the catch is a welcomed moment of elation along the greater journey.Borrowing from the classic words of Norman Maclean, Edward Abbey and others, Little Mossy Ship is an auditory and visual representation of the Adventure Angler.

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We are searching for Montezuma, and – hidden deep in a landscape that has seen eons of human waves crashing against it – he does not wish to be found so easily...More than a quail hunt, Searching for Montezuma will take you through the rugged and lonely border country of southern New Mexico with Ray Trejo, a hard-core bird hunter, pointer man, and passionate advocate for the wildlife and culture of this unique and imperiled region. Read the full-length story and view the photos that accompany this film at

Rise Again

Sara Hunter is a therapist and life-coach based in Fort Collins, CO.

The Swim of Their Lives

Siblings Survive After Losing 400-Pound Marlin, and their Boat.

 Ten minutes, maybe less.That’s all the time Dan Suski had from the moment he cut the marlin loose until he was treading water in the Atlantic, the 33-foot sport boat Reel Irie already on its way to the bottom some 1,800 feet below. 

 “That's a pretty surreal feeling, seeing a boat just disappear into the blue,” says Dan, 34. “The sensation of being un-tethered with nothing to hold on to, at the mercy of the ocean—that’s a pretty scary feeling.” 

Connections across Maine: Pt 1

A feature look at a wild yet accessible overnight Maine adventure, canoeing a classic Northern Forest Canoe Trail section across Flagstaff Lake and down the Dead River to Maine Huts & Trails' Grand Falls Hut.

Jesse Joe Dallas Coble

In loving memory of Jesse Joe Dallas Coble.March 11, 1997 to December 17, 2023

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